New Stories

I have some new stories, silly stories my father told me and my sister when we were little. I call them Grandpa Bill Stories because when we grew up he told them to his grandchildren too. I have written them down as I remembered them (perhaps a little embellished), but I hope today’s children who read them will love them and laugh at them as I did. I am including in the book, or maybe in another book, some of my own silly stories under the name Grandma Bunny Stories. Look also for David Stallard’s delightful little book for the young folks called ‘When I was young’, wonderfully illustrated by Poppy Shandler. These will all be out in e-books as well as paperbacks.

Grandpa Bill Stories

How Sammy Snail Saved The Day

Sammy Snail—Champion rock lifter

Sammy Snail—Champion Rock Lifter

Heidi The Hot dog

The False Teeth Caper

How The Animals Got Their Fur Coats

Idle Thoughts On Why We Call Everything Joe

Grandma Bunny Stories

The Beetle’s Tale

How the Moon Got Into The Sky

The Runaway Sun (a long poem)

Two Fat Cats (a short poem)

A Merry Faerie Christmas


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